Why having a baby monitor is very important ?

To stay in constant contact with the nursery, the baby monitor is an essential and particularly effective accessory. Parents have greater comfort in their daily lives as they can look after their child wherever they are in the home. There are several models of baby monitors, and the babycam is a high-tech device that brings more features. Reassured to hear baby, talk to him and even see him, the video baby monitor offers a great serenity to parents.
What are the advantages? What are the characteristics to take into account to correctly choose a video baby monitor?

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The parents don't have to worry, the surveillance camera transmits the video in real time, which is a major asset of the babycam. It is possible to perform daily tasks without having to stay with baby permanently. The video baby monitor represents a very effective way to monitor the child without having to look regularly in the room how baby is going. The image quality is optimal. The video baby monitor emits a wave frequency of about 2.4 GHz so that parents can see perfectly what their toddler is doing.
The monitoring tool includes a transmitter that records the images, as well as a receiver that receives these images. The transmitter is placed in the nursery and the receiver with a small screen remains with the parents who can move as they please throughout the house.
The video baby monitor is triggered by the sound of the voice or can work continuously. The range limit diverges according to the models. In general, it is 100 to 200 meters. Others can go up to 500 meters, even 1 kilometer. In this case, parents have the opportunity to move away while effectively monitoring their little one. It is of course inadvisable to go far to stay close to baby when needed. More free of their movements, parents can go about their business without neglecting baby supervision.


In order to be perfectly efficient and transmit images and sounds of quality, a babycam must have a receiver with a sufficiently large screen. The vision will be clearer. An LCD screen will be ideal, as the ability to zoom. Regarding the transmitter, it must be equipped with an infrared system for increased monitoring in the middle of the night. It is essential that the connection between the transmitter and receiver is optimal. Thus, it must be ensured that the transmission range is at least 100 meters. It is better to choose a model that offers a wider distance. The video baby monitor can warn by an audible signal when the transmitter is out of range.
Very practical, this high-tech equipment can offer the possibility of connecting to multiple stations such as the installation of cameras, the transmission of the image on the screen of the computer or television. It will then be easy to work on your computer while watching how baby goes. The baby monitor is usually powered by a rechargeable battery with charge indicator. When it loses capacity, an alert system starts. The transmitter has an effective attachment accessory that must be able to hang on any type of support, ideally the bottom edge of the bed for an overview of baby.


It is not easy to make the right choice in terms of video baby monitor. It is important to proceed according to your habits and needs. Before buying a babycam, it is essential to check that the video features provide the best image quality.
A good baby monitor necessarily has a night vision mode and a zoom to see baby when he moves a lot. The sharpness of the transmitted sound is an important point. It is interesting to know the level of frequency of waves emitted by the babycam to opt for a device that works with a low frequency without neglecting an accurate image transmission.
The minimum required for audio is 865 Mhz, while the video frequency remains high to maintain a good image quality.
For parents who need to be kept away from the nursery, a long reach is strongly recommended. When the transmission breaks, a warning system is essential. Noise triggering is preferred at the time of purchase if the parents can not do otherwise than being outdoors or in other rooms of the house.