Which diaper bag to choose ?

Even though the diaper bag is often the latest childcare article to think of as a mother-to-be, it is still essential. And even if you had sworn, as a fashion victim, never to fall into this trap of motherhood, you will succumb to it sooner or later, as it is practical and useful.

Indeed, a diaper bag is a vital object, in which you can store everything you need for baby, given its large size. In addition, given its strength, it can withstand heavy loads without problems, and without staining too, since it is designed for this.

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First, it must be a size large enough to be able to carry all the essential baby. And if it has pockets (for the laptop, water bottles, lollipops or the wallet, it is only more).

Many diaper bags today have insulated pockets to keep your baby bottles warm and your dairy products cool. In addition, check that it is equipped with a built-in changing mat, handy when you go out.

In addition, beyond aesthetic criteria, choose an easy-to-clean material that will not be afraid of bottle leaks or dirty diapers.


Now that you have all the tricks to choose your diaper bag, here is a detail of the different kinds of bags. On this point, you have the opportunity to choose the model that suits you best, according to your expectations, and your daily life.

  • The classic diaper bag: it attaches to the stroller, and its large size allows you to bring everything you want.
  • The bag with integrated changing mat: very practical to change baby anywhere.
  • The handheld changing bag: the "must" for trendy moms, to stay trendy, while taking care of baby.
  • The backpack changing bag: ideal for sports parents, and very useful when you have your child in a baby carrier.


The essentials to always have in a diaper bag are:

  • what to change baby
  • wipes
  • a plastic bag to throw dirty diapers
  • spare clothes
  • a changing mat, or a towel
  • what to eat: baby bottles, jars, compotes, spoons, bibs ...
  • the blanket, the lollipops
  • something to distract